UnNews:Wikipedia unveils army of robots - Uncyclopedia under threat

This picture was shot by an unnamed Uncyclopedia photographer. He managed to e-mail this picture before he was captured.

14 July 2010

WIKIPEDIA HQ, Utah Desert -- Uncyclopedia is under threat, as an anonymous UnNews journalist reported from the Wikipedia HQ this morning. Managing to sneak into the headquarters, the journalist reported an army of high-tech robots lying in wait in the Wikipedia HQ basement. A couple of more were hidden out the back of the headquarters, and were engaging in armament testing, firing at targets. The journalist managed to escape from the headquarters, and also found out the purpose of these killers - from a stolen instruction manual - to destroy all Uncyclopedia articles.

Nicknamed, the De-humouraters, the robots have been fine tuned to destroy any wiki article with a trace of humour[1], randomness, silliness or otherwise goodness in the world. Wikipedia have been building them since Uncyclopedia's creation, but have only just finished the prototypes, and are currently engaging them in testing. They are expected to be ready by the end of the year. Uncyclopedians have been warned to prepare themselves for the worst, until the time comes to fight for Uncyclopedia.


  1. This, of course, means that all articles containing Humor will escape unharmed
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