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25 June 2009

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Simon wants to put a thumb in the eye of Disney.

London, UK. -- TV entertainment Ego Sir (pencil that in for 2010) Simon Cowell is to take on Mickey Mouse in an attempt to become the biggest beast in show business world.

Cowell who is the sad genius of programmes like X Factor , Y-Fronts Factor and Who Wants To Have Simon's Bank Account Details ? has teamed up with the Monaco based British businessman Sir Philip 'Deep Trouser Pockets' Green in a daring plan to take on Mickey Mouse and the Disney Corporation. They have already sketched a master plan to 'kill the Mouse' by building a Reality TV Theme Park in Florida.

We are going to scrub out the Mouse, boasted Cowell and Green at a press conference in London. Not only did we invent reality TV..we are reality TV. Everything outside our world is a deluded fantasy. Only we can make your wishes come true.

Cowell continued:

Disney have so far declined to comment on the announcement but are said to be 'relaxed, mellow, spaced out, on a passive high ' and that they had seen off all previous competitors .


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