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30 July 2006

The largest known thing in the universe, or God?

EARTH, Milky Way Galaxy -- Scientists say they have discovered the largest known thing in the universe: a blob. Scientists first discovered the blob after a team of astronomers made the Stubble telescope, which for years has only looked to the left, look to the right for the first time.

The blob, which consists of glow-in-the-dark silly putty, is what many believe to be the center of the Big Bang. However, some believe that this blob may actually be God.

"Ze' blob'z 'ze lawgezt ting tu be dezcovered," said one French astronomer, "Ze' French governmint intenz tu zend a man zere, rivawling ze Emericanz pooting a man on ze' lunar surfece."

The blob, which is 200 million light-years wide and only a few hours away from Uranus has been appropriately named, "Charles".