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Friday, July 8, 2016

At one point, the police performed a ramshackle version of the YMCA to try to appease the sniper. It failed for obvious reasons.

After a gang of snipers killed five policeman and injured seven others, the US police have announced they are scared of black people who are scared of police who are scared of black people.

"This is a terrifying thing to have to deal with," Dallas police chief Marvin Taylor said. "Our officers are brave men and women who serve the public every day. These people were lunatics. It chills your heart to know people like that are out there."

Yet one of the protesters out on the streets, African-American Joanna Corey told UnNews: "They're scared of us? I am pretty damn scared of them. Did you see what happened in Minnesota?

"I swear there are like eleven black people in Minnesota, and one just got shot for having a busted tail light."

However, the policeman involved in the Minnesota shooting (who, refreshingly, wasn't white, but Asian) disagrees: "Every day I have at least one moment where I am scared for my life. Sometimes it's a big scare, like dealing with an aggressive suspect who is twice my size, sometimes it's a little one, like a teenager who wears baggy pants which expose his boxer shorts.

"But nine times out of ten, it's a black guy who scares me."

In this whirlpool of fear, police attempted to negotiate with the last of the Dallas snipers, but when he refused to cooperate, they killed him by finding a new use a bomb disposal robot, ironically using it to deliver a bomb: it rolled up to the shooter and exploded right in front of him.

Nothing to be scared about there, thankfully.


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