UnNews:Kim Kardashian Starts Rebellion Over Milkshakes in Bahrain

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3 December 2012

Riffa, Bahrain --

Kim Kardashian's weekend visit to Bahrain was not so good for the Assyrians. In an effort to promote her milkshakes, many boys from the local yard swarmed her and began breakdancing and doing 'windmills' in order to try and woo her affections. Some boys even tried to touch her, but they were quickly wrestled to the ground by her entourage of muscular body guards. When Kim Kardashian was done twerking and gyrating to the classic Kelis tune, she was swiftly whisked away by her promoting agent to another gig in Assyria, but she was still 2 hours late. This enraged the local boys in both countries, and riots ensued.

Kim Kardashian, 32 has made a few home videos (wink, wink) and this stop is one of many to promote her line of bootleg DVDs in third world countries for wealthy men to jack off to (hopefully, while drinking her signature freeze-dried milkshake mix).

Kim-kardashian-beard.jpg 3 December 2012Kim Kardashian (official) @kimkardashianMy freeze-dried milkshake mix brings all the boys to the yard. Drink for happy fun time! <3 you Bahrain!

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