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by Ahnuld Schwahtzenegguh
Guest contributuh

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

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Microsoft completely ended support for Windows Vista on April 11, 2017.

SILICON VALLEY, Collyphoneya -- Aftuh ten yeaus, Microsoft has officially tuhminated Windows Vista. Often considud the wust operating seestum evuh, I nevuhtheless enjoyed eet. I guess you could say, "I still love Vista, baby!"

Befoh you considuh puhchasing a Windows 7 comuptah, eet vill also be tuhminated in three yeaus. Windows 8 has ahready been discontinued. 8.1 is also on the choppink block. Dot means deh is only vun option -- Windows 10, the latest incahnation of the Windows brand.

It's much fastah! Moe powuhful! Und eet's 64-bit, rathuh than 32-bit, which is quickly being phased out. Eet's too risky to use yo old computah, so eet is best if you upgrade, if you can affohd it.

About the author: Arnold Schwarzenegger is an Austrian-born American actor, action star, Terminator, Kindergarten Cop, pregnant man, bodybuilder, and former "Govuhnuh of Collyphoneya."


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