UnNews:Donald Trump facing impeachment after GOP is assaulted by barrage of stonefruit in House of Representatives

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Not even locally grown. Sad!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

WASHINGTON DC, United States - Following revelations of the serious variety that implicate Donald Trump in yet another scandal involving the FBI and those pesky Russians, democrats decided to send a message to their opponents in government. In a manner suggestive of the "writing on the wall" in the highly embarressing situation, Democrat members of congress engaged in a massive food fight with their opponents by throwing over five hundreds pounds of overripe peaches and necterines at those in the GOP. With the fat, hairy, orange balls exploding violently on impact the house of Representatives was left in a rather sticky situation leaving many of the retirement home aged men in the stands completely bemused.

Although the stunt was labeled childish by many in the media, it was clearly designed to place the GOP on notice. The big man himself of course was on twitter himself faster than you could mouth the word "Sad!" Trump was exceptional critical of the Democrats choice of fruit, immediately asking if they were a product of the United States. When it was later revealed they were in fact a product of China, Trump issued a statement saying the democrats were going to regret this Bigly!

Now that the "peachment" process is complete, it is surely only a matter of weeks before another scandal and the appropriate suffix seals the deal.


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