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21 February 2009

A common keyboard, the compatibility with human hand and fingers is undeniable.

Vatican City — Scientists worldwide have been stunned today in a haze of misguidance as the Vatican declared his ultimate new argument supporting Intelligent Design (ID) theory and proving that humans have been divinely created to fit into their environment including the computerized environment we live in.

The Vatican monk-scientists said that the computer keyboard we use daily is too well organized to fit our hands that such a likeliness is highly improbable to be pure luck and it can't be evolution either since Darwin claims that evolution takes hundreds and thousands of years while we only know the keyboard since a few decades, the elimination of those heretic ideas leaves us only one last explanation: The human hands have been created by God to fit the keyboard so well.

"Human hands and fingers fit too perfectly [to the keyboard] in size, people from various ages and [hand] sizes can use the keyboard with very little annoyance." Said a priest in the Vatican main hall.

In a private interview to UnNews, Vatican officials said that they hope that new discovery shows clearly the heresy brought by Darwin and his followers to shake the foundations of the Church. They also said they wish people would use commons sense when trying to make a judgment that leads their thoughts back to the Church, if common sense leads them away from the Church at that point they should stop using it and turn back to their faith.


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