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20 January 2009

La la la la I am Darth Vader and I play with water in the ocean! Hey is that a donkey in the water?!!?!


'Today in ADHD news'

Obama is a Horse!

What a pretty horsey!

Obama enters the white house today! Why the hell is it called The White House like wtf?? Why cant it be called "The Presidents Pad" or "Pimpin Prez's Party House". Did you see the pretty horse pictures in the white house? They are soooooooooo pretty :). Horses are cool, they have pretty hooves and some of them have horns in their forehead! I want a horse like that!

That Guy Is Creepy!!

O My God! I swear he would pay me to! Can you see the pimple on his forehead?

This guy came to my house and asked for sex! It was soooooooo creepy! Then he said he would give me candy but I dont like candy because I AM HYPER ALREADY WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Candy is for people who dont have enough sugar in their system but I have LOTS of sugar! Sugar is a cane at first did you know that! so old people use it to walk and then when the old people die we get it as sugar!

Water ASPLODES In The Street!

After some fat guy took a HUGE dump some pipe blew and sprayed some into some hot chicks face it was funny! I like hot chicks ALOT! Up the ass ya ya ya! I do them so fast its like a machine gun poppin out bullets BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM! I like guns but only when they are in my hands. I almost shot the The President once it was scary! But I was so fast I outran the secret service! Why do they call them "The Secret Service" if everyone knows about them! It makes no sense!


Whats a source? Is that where the water comes from the toilet then you pee in it? I like water, it refreshes my soul and it makes me want to sing!

O how water is so sweet

I could eat it just like meat!

Water makes my dreams go away

Even when I see my aunt fay!

My Aunt Fay is a pain

It makes me want to die in vain!

But I really dont want to die

So I wont even try!

Dying is such a tragedy

You just want t-HEY! Is That A Hedgehog!?!?!

look at the pwetty wittle hedgehog!I just want to pet it! OWW I THOUGHT IT WAS FUR! :'(