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(Redirected from Перевод)(Translate) lenny--Deid2 (talk) 13:45, 28 March 2018 (UTC)

Just deleted a seriously unfunny dirty talk section. Not cool guys! - TC

what's the deal with redirecting from my mindless drivel?!--Sharkbait1986 00:55, 20 March 2008 (UTC)

I like this article. It's very self-referential. Hey, refer is a cool word. it's the smae forwards nad backwards. What are those called again? Palinduorms or something like that? You know, sometimes people say these really weird-sounding sentences and then say that they're palindors or whatever they're called, but they're actualey not. I hate people who make it sound like they're smart when they're not. They probably can't spell anyway. If they were actullee smart enough to spell, they wouldn't need to sound any smarter.

I'm listening to some cool music right now. I think it's by John. I'm not realy sure though. It has a good beat... it's like boom... CHICK... boom, baboom CHICK... boom... CHICK... boom, baboom CHICK... it's pretty awsome I know. Okay I admit it's aweful. I don't even know why I'm listenign to it... I should probably turn it off...

Oh wait I have homework to do. I hate homework, because you have to think a lot about things you don't even care about. Like, why should I care about the president? What does he have to do with my life? And another thing I don't get... math. When are you ever going to need to do math in your life? I mean, camon. Math is for losers... loosers... like they break loose. From jail or something. I don't like jail either. And people go there just because they don't know about what the law is. Because they don't do homework. But why would they want to do homework? And, why would they ever care about the rules of grammor? I don't think I spelled that rite but I don't care. I mean that would be like caring about homework.

And then they give you a bad grade just for not doing your homework and just because you fail your test you get a bad grade on it! Really does anyone see any logicle sense there?

Anyway I like this article and I have homework to do or my teachers will fail me so bye. --The Linkifier!!!!!? 20:15, December 13, 2009 (UTC)