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Yellow Cake most commonly know as the substance used to create nuclear weapons and often muttered in the same sentence as the word "Saddam Hussein" on the news or in certain White Houses (no names mentioned), is infact a rather tasty cake of yellow hue and is cheaply produced in mass quantaties.

yellow cake

Often seen at large functions this dangerous yet delicious substance is enjoyed by all.

Eating yellow cake[edit]

This can prove to be a ghastly task as the cake tends to be of a crumbly texture. The use of a napkin, tissue or some variety of plate or rain jacket can aid in the protection of yourself and others, all are at risk of receiving crumbs whilst eating yellow cake. A common misconseption is the idea of dunking the yellow cake in coffee, tea or other liquids. This is not a good idea the cake will inevitably become soggy and almost impossible to eat. Its sponge like qualities mean it will absorb any form of liquid with ease however, it may not maintain its structure and can quite possibly break off into the liquid whilst dunking. All warnings aside, the consumption of yellow cake is an enjoyable experience.

Iraq War[edit]

Yellow cake has also been commonly cited as the sole reason for invading Irock in the commonly incorrectly spelled historical comma known as George W. Bush's Iraq War. Its influence on Mr Bush's decision to invade the country is seen in his use of Spongebob Squarepants as part of the yellow cake propaganda in the run up to the invasion. Critics of the war have pointed to Dick Cheney's $500 a day yellow cake habit as part of the reason as well. This has been evidenced by the defection of Mr. Cheney's main yellow cake dealer Charles Pugh have been vocal critics of the war because according to Pugh, "Dat nigga dont buy from me no mo'!!!"

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