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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for white slave movement?
Note: Slaves are not brown just vary tan

The White Slave is a type of slave originating from the Americas, brought to Africa on slave ships at around the same time the White crackers were doing so. Africans utilized White Slaves to cultivate crops and do extensive manual labor on African plantations, but they screwed up and ended up destroying the land, creating deserts. White slaves were also influential in growing HIV, an essential crop at that era (though overused and lethal nowadays). White slavery continued in Africa until some white dude named Martin Luther King Johnson Smith advocated wigger's civil rights. The africans popped a cap in his ass but the white people became free. All the free white slaves went down to South Africa though for whatever reason.

White Slaves and Russia[edit | edit source]

Common Russian white(sex) slave.

White slaves are the numbert two import into Russia next to fire and monkey melanin. Only 12% of the slaves brought into Russia work in farms and factories,the other 32% are used for someone harsh labor, and 66% are used as sex slaves in many different provinces. this is substantial considering the fact that mostly 70% of the slaves are young boys and young girls. To Russian society, white slaves are normal occurrences for everyday living and because of the extreme cold temperatures. Most slaves are given a life expectancy of three months to six years. The average Russian family will go through four to nine slaves a year. Krukov Institute of Russian conomics

Note the paragraph above this one im pertaining to Russian Slavery.Most people cant handle the fact that whites were slaves before the blacks.kills your pride doesnt it?well there were slaves back in the bible days when jesus walked the earth(or earf how yo say it),but i guess your going to try and take that away from them to,but wait.they have been dead over a 1000 years.So you cant.Anyways it makes me sick to see that its ok for blacks to hate whites,call them cracka or crackers if you want to speak proper english.In which most of you dont.Then go on ahead.Your day is coming and when it does. your racist butt will get left handed into hell.Then you wont bitch about slvaery anymore.You will be down there with some of them that didnt repent for there sins and ask jesus into there hearts,but until then.when i strap a chain around your neck and beat you with a stick while your picking cotton.Shut the heck up!!!!!

White Slaves and Africa[edit | edit source]

See American African slaves Who is the racist idoit that wrote this dribble?

White Slaves and the Black Market[edit | edit source]

White Slaves on the black market vary in price depending on age, sex, and if they had sex.

     V = Virgin     In American money only
   Age  | Male V | Female V | Male | Female |
   1-5  |  35$   |   40$    | 15$  |  20$   |
   6-10 |  80$   |   110$   | 63$  |  82$   | 
  11-16 |  245$  |   376$   | 178$ |  215$  |
  17-21 |  276$  |   404$   | 214$ |  278$  |
  22-34 |  230$  |   240$   | 175$ |  180$  |
34-death|  99$   |   120$   | 50$  |  55$   |

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