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Ask your meaningless question.

Dear Cthulhu,

Are man-tits an impediment to your devouring of a particular soul? I have a friend with man-tits, and he's worried about fully committing to the Cult of Cthulhu.

Less than a speck of dust,

Rush Limbaugh

Dearest Cthulu,

I have recently consumed the souls of the local vicar, church warden, headmistress, publican and assorted notables that reside hereabouts. My question is this. What condiments would you recommend to accompany this delicious repast. I have tried salt, pepper, paprika and more recently a blackcurrant jus. However none of them really do justice to these delights and I fear my pallet is becoming somewhat jaded. What would you suggest?

Your obedient minion

J Ripper

Oh great 'n' awesome Cthulhu,

What's your last name? I wanna write you in my Death Note and see what happens.

SadisticWolf 16:26, July 17, 2010 (UTC)