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A newbie. Little else to say.

Most Commonly Seen As[edit]

A Yuu Yuu Hakusho Tokubetuhen recolor.


I'm a professional photographer, amateur actor, college drop out, and paranoid.


Vodalion, Vercalos al'Corlin, Virselianos Sylvari, Cirse Aerulian, The Wanderer, The Elven Mage Warrior, or bitchy elven warriormageBOB

"I have far too many names."--Vercalos/whoever the hell he is

Involved with(in alphabetical order)[edit]

Reverse Vandalism[edit]

  • England-Entire article was deleted, and replaced with an entirely nonsensical and stupid 'Undictionary'-style one line definition. Reverted it to the last version that was longer than 10 lines. Man, this wasn't even an article I was responsible for and the vandalism still pissed me off.
  • Things you're supposed to be doing instead of visiting Uncyclopedia- Vandalized in 'pwn3d!' style. I hate idiots like that.

Other users have said[edit]

Nothing yet.