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Some spit about being a funny writer of good things.

Have a Solid Concept[edit]

Write all jokes in service of the concept. Don't go on tangents unless the concept calls for it. When you are trying to be funny, you are your concept's bitch. Don't disappoint it. Always be relevant and consistent, or you will ultimately fail.

Good tricks to for establishing a concept include repetition (running jokes or mantras), sticking to specific tones or fiddling with the medium. A gradual buildup always yields a bigger payoff.

Humor is Flexible[edit]

Ignore boundaries and preconceptions about what type of humor is "good." Don't be afraid to swim in the shit. Highbrow jokes flop just as frequently as lowbrow jokes. Don't be afraid to blend both worlds. But...

Say It, Don't Spray It[edit]

If you are going to go high or go low, remember to actually say something. Layers of nuance and meaning divide statements from satire, Family Guy from The Simpsons, or Late Period Simpsons from The Simpsons. Recognize the challenge and work that goes into telling a good joke, and always aim for specificity.

If you are going to use conceptual tricks and hoodoo, make sure you have the substance to justify the gimmick. A gimmick itself is very rarely strong enough to succeed on its own.