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Exploding-head.gif THIS PAGE A SPLODE. Exploding-head.gif
The Wikipedia bomb in all of its glory.
Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Wikipedia?
Wikipedia is DA BOMB!!!

John Ritter on Bombing Wikipedia

I hate it!

Polyphemus on Wikipedia bomb

The Wikipedia bomb is to Wikipedia as Twilight is to stupidity.

Oscar Wilde


Wikipedia a splode. Therefore, there is no Wikipedia article on the Wikipedia Bomb.


The Wikipedia bomb has infected so many pages that this happened.

The Wikipedia Bomb was developed by Captain Picard of the Wikipediac in 2003. It has destroyed so many pages that some people are beginning to think of it as an actual bomb. Here are some of the things that the Wikipedia Bomb causes:

A typical Wikipedia article after being hit with the Wikipedia bomb.
The only traces of the Wikipedia Bomb are the jumbled text and inappropriate pictures.

How it screws with peoples Wikipedia pages.[edit]

Wikipedia before and after edit.jpg

Above, an example of how the Wikipedia bomb screwed with mah Wikipedia page.


QUICK!!! STOP IT BEFORE IT HITS UNCYCLOPEDIA!!! I REPEAT!!! STOP IT NAO000000000000000101010101001001010100101010101010101010101001001000000100111111011111111101010110101BUTTFUCKLOL

Oh well, it's too late. Well fuck. That kink of sux.

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