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Let me tell you. Everything can have a moe anthropomorphism. The spirits over the dimentions, the devils under the subway, the atoms in your perspiration , the imaginary numbers on your cheat papers, the sound of music, the lord of the rings, from the past to the future, from the macroscopic to the microscopic, I means Everything, EVERYTHING. Everything can have a moe anthropomorphism. Do you know Grand Unification Theory? Someday, the experts of moeism (otaku) will explain the truth, the faith, the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything by their fantastic and attractive proper nouns. And that is why Uncyclo-tan is. This is destiny, destined destiny, destinedly destined destiny.

But why did I create this Uncyclo-tan? Well, er... just for fun.

design[edit | edit source]

I think you can see that my Uncyclo-tan is a reverse of Wikipe-tan. Their shapes look alike. Their colors are opposite. I would say she is just like a low-quality piracy in China. Oh Yeah! I am a Chinese, coincidently. Wait a minute, it seems I'm really quite good at copying things, such as Game:My Untune Hero...

comment[edit | edit source]

I know she've became Uncyclopedia's unofficial mascot (Uncyclopedia's unofficial Uncyclo-tan). For this, I want to say 「多謝大家嘅支持!多謝哂!」.

But honestly, I don't think she is the most beautiful one, especially when I am watching my former works. It's obviously that I am not skillful enough. However, It's not everything. She may not be the prettiest one but I promise that she will be the funniest one.

gallery[edit | edit source]

UnGame:超級偽基娘大戰[edit | edit source]

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Although Uncyclopedia:Uncyclo-tan said my Uncyclo-tan is the definitive version. However, she is not. At least, there is no voting defines she is the definitive version. There still are tons of alternative design. This situation give me an idea about a fighting game.

If the throne of Uncyclopedia's mascot can't be granted civilizedly, let's do it UnCivilizedly.