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Spybot S&D is the most evil program to be created. It is the only spyware that SpySheriff doesn't detect, and the mere presence of the true name can cause infection. In all pictures, we have inserted dashes to prevent the true name from being present in the picture.

True Name[edit]

While the true name cannot be stored on Uncyclopedia in any form (Uncyclopedia uses SpySheriff for protection), it is possible to store a modified form safely. Here it is (with a "- " added for protection): Spybot - Search & Destroy(Note: We have decided to censor this incredible dangerous name to prevent it from falling in the hands of terrorists)


Spybot S&D was created 100 days after publication of the research proving that SpySheriff was invulnerable to all but one piece of software. That one piece of software was described in the paper, and a group of evil evil programmers created Spybot S&D based on that paper.