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From Bulbapedia, the Communist-driven Pokémon encyclopedia.

Bulbapedia is a Pokémon fansite that parodies SmugWiki. They are known for being a closed society, contributed to only by logged-in Pokémon geeks who spend the rest of their time searching for Lickitung porn on YouTube.

While Bulbapedia is an extremely reliable source of up-to-the-Planck time information about the Pokémon franchise, they are not exactly a Pokémon fansite or video game help forum, as many users and non-users alike have thought. (Yeah, I use Bulbapedia as a game guide.)


Bulbapedia was founded by Archaic, the then-leader of the Communist Party of Australia. He wanted to create a wiki for Pokémon addicts to get detailed lists of Pokémon moves, items, etc. from, as well as full anime synopses. But you see, he wanted to have a lot of control over who got to do what there.


Bulbapedia features a comprehensive Pokédex of pretty much every Pokémon, in-game item, and move in existence, even the ones that don't exist. This means that readers can just come to Bulbapedia whenever they need to know how to get through some dungeon. Pretty cool, huh? Bulbapedia also has a whole bunch of templates just for organizing Pokédex entries, but it lacks an interactive Pokémon database - something that every good Pokémon fansite has.

Benefits for users[edit]

You MUST be a registered user to edit Bulbapedia. That's it.


Some Uncyclopedians have risked their lives sneaking into the Bulbapedia headquarters to find details about what the administrators do on their free time. Turns out only they can upload new files, upload new versions of files, lock pages, delete pages, undelete pages, ban other users for abuse, and ban other users for doing nothing all day but trolling in their userspace.

Restrictions on users' rights[edit]

Users are obligated to come up with something to contribute at least once per day, even if it's just copy-editing. (AlotA lot of that has been done byto this article.)

Users are also limited to three userpage edits per server day per 23-hour, 59-minute, 59.99999...-second period. Yes, even if someone puts a bunch of patent nonsense on your userpage, reverting obvious vandalism still counts toward the three. The cool thing about Uncyclopedia (and even Wikipedia, for that matter) compared to Bulbapedia is that you can edit your userpage as much as you want without being banned, and you can ask administrators about your ban even when you are in fact banned. (Unless they say otherwise.)


As of May 13, 2011, personal images have been banned from Bulbagarden Archives, Bulbapedia's image repository. UnNews is still investigating the reason behind this, but many of their journalists have been arrested and put to Death by Pokémon.