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This is a parody of all the Harry Potter books key moments

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Bong[edit]

the boy who died mr and mrs dudley of number 13, semseme street were proud to be the two hardest motherfuckers in the hood they were most likely people to shoot you without thinking mr dudley was biggest coke dealer he was a short white midget he was midget because he called chuck norris his bitch so chuck norris sat on him, mrs dudley was a fine ass bitch acttly she petty ugly so ugly that if this was made into a film

Harry Potter and the Chamber Of the Uncyclopedia Admins[edit]

Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Guantanamo Bay[edit]

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Snow[edit]

Harry Potter and the Order of Uncyclopedia[edit]

Harry Potter and the two thirds blood guy[edit]

Harry Potter and the thank God its the last one[edit]