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wikipedia:Internet Protocol Suite

NB. There is already a listing of the OSI model layers in the Cisco article, with request for expansion

This page will cover the following (sorted by layers of the OSI model):

Layer 7: Application Layer[edit]

Layer 6: Presentation Layer[edit]

Layer 5: Session Layer[edit]

Layer 4: Transport Layer[edit]

Layer 3: Network Layer[edit]

Layer 2: Data Link Layer[edit]

Layer 1: Physical Layer[edit]


  1. Classification is disputed — see this page's history; currently per wikipedia:Transport Layer Security#Support for name-based virtual servers: "From the application protocol point of view, TLS belongs to a lower layer, although the TCP/IP model is too coarse to show it. This means that the TLS handshake is usually (except in the STARTTLS case) performed before the application protocol can start.