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Uncyclopedia is teh r0xx0rz! Wikipedia is teh gay.

Articles I have contributed to.

  • Ronald McDonald
  • Cattle prod - Recreational uses
  • Cow tipping - I totally rewrote this one, but the admins deleted it due to it being unfunny.
  • Educational aspects of porn
  • Bob Dylan - rewrote much of the article, because I hate Bob Dylan.
  • Calvin Coolidge - he invented the water cooler.
  • Voltaire - loved Jews. Supposed to be funny because he was an unabashed anti-semite.
  • Machine that goes ping - Meaning of Life, anyone?
  • Slobodan Milošević - The page was totally blank, so I wrote some stuff. Staple gun was one of the other colonizations and was so brilliant I had to reference it.
  • Braille mouse - Another genius article, but it was missing braille Tesla death rays.
  • Stalin - The great binges and purges, rewrote a good portion of the battles with Hitler and Tarzan, added to music career and love life.
  • Bumblefuck University - The stuff about the library and the campus dining Halliburton scandal. Oh, and the lampshade factory and installation of showers in concentration camps. Nazi humor.
  • Masturbation

My comedic influences include Seinfeld, Aristophenes, and Beavis and Butthead. I write on the internet, so Monty Python goes without saying.