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I joined this site on Fri, Aug 1 2008 to have access to more features. My goals while here are to reduce clutter, correct spelling and punctuation errors when they aren't meant to be there like with a Splode, and attempt to add relevant humor. Just as I cannot be sure that everything I remove is unfunny, I cannot be sure if everything I contribute will be funny, but I can try my best. I am fine with internet memes like "We're over nine thousand" "All your base are belong to us" and "In Soviet Russia..." just as long as they keep to articles about them selves, or are funny in context without knowledge of the meme (in which case they must be funny enough to over come its over use for those with knowledge of it) I do believe there are exceptions to my uncyclopedia philosophy, like memes found consistently throughout uncyclopedia like the Oscar Wilde quotes and other things. Technically all uncyclopedia is after all is a collection of internet memes with varying degrees of success. I'll just make judgment calls on a case by case basis. My major problems in writing are redundancy (the bad kind), phrasing, writers block, and the over use of the words for, but, however, because, since, and resulting. My strengths I think are redundancy (the good kind), finding bad mistakes, removing things that don't belong or aren't funny, and having spurts of wit.