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Mmmmh, who i am, who i am, who i am ???

Well, for a start i'm 31 years old. So i'm not the average L@m3R teenager that thinks he is 1337 and will try to show his 1337nessness all over the place.

Secondly, i'm not from here. Yeah, you guessed it right: i'm not from here. You are from there, but actually, i'm from another place. Most of the time it is a country called Chile, that is located on the bottom left of South America. Or Southwest if you want to be picky about geographic regions.

My dayly work is as a psychiatrist, so i listen to a lot of nonsense everyday. So i'm experienced at nonsense. Also i listen to a lot of reality, so a little of non-reality everyday is pretty healthy for me.

Also i do music. Not that i am a musical instrument, but i have some of them and i like to play them every once in a while. Here you can hear music. It's a pity that the page is in spanish, but i need to translate it to frankfurter, then to coreanese and later to engrish in order to make sense. Doesn't matter, you'll understand later, in a dream, as a revelation. Perhaps.

I do not smoke. I do not do drugs. I do not bash my head against brick walls. Don't do that, it's stupid. I tried once and that was enough for me.

And finally, i'm a nerd. Yeah, you too if you are reading this page. Let's take over the world for a while.