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Not to be confused with cholesterol, which is an instance of necessary evil.

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My main philosophy is simple. If something exists then we must necessarily acknowledge its existence once we know it exists. Once we know something exists, sometimes we wish that we didn't know or that it didn't exist. But that can't be: it does exist and and we know it exists. Our wish - either not to know, or that the thing shouldn't exist - is the root of all evil. Our pretence that something which does exist does not exist is the playing out of that evil. Since we are trapped by our wishfulness, we think in a vortex of necesary evil, except it isn't necessary at all. Therefore necessary evil does not exist.

My subordinate philosophy attempts to invert my main philosophy by considering what we can and can't know about what doesn't exist, including whether we can know at all whether something doesn't exist. So, having concluded that necessary evil doesn't exist, what about wasps and cholesterol? This is where my philosophy falls down, so I then click the Uncyclopedia Random Button to obtain relief and distraction, unlike User:Epistemological Worrier [1].

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