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You are hereby awarded the

Purple Spleen

For heroic work in cleaning up the Uncyclopedia one article at a time.
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A monkey ...

... and a gem !

I primarily love to categorize stuff on UN. My immense memory skills could be devoted towards preparation for collegial work but guess what, they're not. One of these days I hope to become a moderator so I can maintain the supreme level of insanity that comes in here. Categorize!

Contributions[edit | edit source]

I mainly categorize because there's so many excellent articles that never find the proper home and help to organize this mass of information that is known as, Uncyclopedia.

On the side of uh, not categorizing, er, *addict* um, well, I don't know, if I do... anything. Well, I do. A few things. Here and ...there. Such as:

  • Created Wilde quotes for Vagina, Penis, George Bush, Oscar Wilde (on himself) and Unicorn.
  • Created Bush template
  • Plump up existing articles. Such as Leeroy Jenkins and Queen of the Universe etc.
  • Finding the best articles and placing them in uh, categories
  • Writing crucial articles.
  • Creating crucial categories such as Documents, TV shows, South America, Underwater creatures etc...
  • Provided the inspiration for the Wilde Project
  • Peppers UN with original poetry. See the Category:Fairies for more information.

Articles I've created/almost completely written[edit | edit source]

Art Deco
Chinese dead man
Pea Crab
Tutorial island
Leeroy Jenkins
Mediterranean Sea

Articles w/pictures I have uploaded/inserted[edit | edit source]

Mountain Dew
Child molestation
Queen of the Universe
Tutorial island
Art Deco
David Hasselhoff

I believe that with such a huge mess of chaos there must be some kind of order. I will seek to bring it! AHAHAAA!