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What is Boinc?

It's like Folding@Home except with rocketpacks and silver jumpsuits. In other words, it uses your computer to do stuff when you aren't doing stuff with your computer. Some projects even use your videocard.

How do I do this thing that I'm reading about?

It's so easy any nerd can do it:[edit | edit source]

1. Go to the Boinc site. Do the thing (pick your projects) to get the thing (get the Boinc manager), then use it.

Optional: Get a manager thingy[edit | edit source]

1. Go to Boincstats Bam! (it's a manager thingy that does stuff. There are others, but this is the only one I know anything about). Sign up.

Optional: Join Team Uncyclopedia[edit | edit source]

1. Go to the Teams section of whatever projects you joined (like here for Climateprediction) or, if you got the manager thingy sign in and go to the Teams section.

2. Join Team Uncyclopedia.

3. Bask in the awesome.