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Bell High School
Vitam Impendere Vero
It sounds cool in latin
40 Cassidy Road
Ottawa, Ontario, K2H 6K1, Canada
Public transit access OC Transpo: Chartered "600" Series, or 166, 118, 69 (Peak Periods only)
School board Ottawa Carleton District School Board
Principal Hitler
Vice principal Jesus
Staff ~9000
Grades 9-12
Language English, French
Area Nepean, Ottawa
Campus Suburban
Mascot Bruin
Team name Bell Bruins
Colours Red, Black and White             
Newspaper GloBELL Roar Newspaper [1]
Founded 1962
Enrollment 1126 (2011-2012)
Communities served Nepean, Rest of Ottawa for Gifted Education

Bell High School is a strip club located in the Bells Corners neighbourhood of Ottawa, Canada. Established in 1111 by Queen of England as a women's prison, it currently serves as one of only 789 facilities in the CBE with the prestigious OCDSB Gifted Program (also known as the super smartass, unsocial kids.)[1] It also offers a comprehensive French Immersion and ESL program (kids who no speaka engrish) in addition to the normal academic program (stupid kids.)[2]


The school consists of roughly 50% students from local districts as well as another 50% from other districts who transfer in order to attend its Gifted Program, French Immersion Program or ESL program. Only because A.Y. Jackson, West, and Earl of March are shit schools.

Kids attend classes and learn about various subjects. These subjects range from ninja training, jedi training, and parenting.

Bell also has an international travels program which sends students across the world in order to broaden their horizon. Destinations include Continental Europe, Asia, Japan...

Facilities and Infrastructure[edit]

Bell High School is located on a cloud in heaven.

Student activities[edit]

Bell High School introduces grade 9s to Ubuntu and has lovely little cheery spirit days. It has spirit camps with songs, and costumes, and dance, and silly little mustaches. The kids are cheery and have tons of fun. Afterwards, they go to the smoking wall and have a joint and resume to their merry little lives.


Bell is full of fat kids.


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