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Slender is a first person survival horror game developed by Parsec Productions to try scaring his mates, but ended up as a popular game that went COMPLETELY out of control. This game is constantly being fucked by people trying to do the 'man test' on their mates which is pointless and constantly forcing people others to mention Slender in class as much as possible by linking it to topics such as 'Legends'. They than provide an example of it and it is of course, Slender Man. The teacher doesn't know what the fuck he is talking about so the teahcer tries to change the topic but than they say 'But Slender Man is a Legend....bla bla bla bla. This is forcing people to become semi retarded and being addicted to Slender as much as Minecraft.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Slender begins at a completely random forest at night and when the key 'f' is pressed a light suddenly comes on like there is a head torch.The player can't actually see the torch so it's a headtorch. The shortness of time that the 'headtorch' can be kept on is less than an hour,seriously, it's has brand new headtorch that last for only less than an hour? It's pointless to have a head torch anyway but some liers suggest that Slender man can't see you without your torch on which is complete bullshit or than what is the point of the fucking game? The player is anonymous and the objective of him/her is to collect 8 pages scattered around the random landmarks. Each paper has random drawing or writing and is suggested by some players that those were the main character's homework, which she/he came to collect and completely ignoring the fact there are random trucks lying around and a thin pedofile teleporting around. The 'Teleportation' makes players suggest Slender Man it is using speed hacks to stalk him/her through the forest. Some players also suggested that Slender man had aimbot to see the player through walls, making the game even more pointless like minecraft. The 8 landmarks consist of random car and trailers, wooden poles sticking out, a building with seemingly no purpose, fuel tanks sitting around, an odd tree, a giant pipe and some brick walls with no sign of formerly being a house.

Slender Man[edit | edit source]

Slenderman is the pedofile following the player through the forest.It is a tall black man with a blank face and is very tall. As you have seen in gameplay, of course the objective is to collect 8 pages *cough* homework. These homework ripped from the excisise books and is somehow stuck on a pipe or a car and some random fucking poles in the middle of the forest.