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This is my gallery of art-- either created by me, or incredibly edited by me. Whoop dee freakin' doo.

Photoshop Work[edit]

My work! All mine!!!

I like to consider myself a photoshop master. With every image, I go all-out to make the image as best as possible. Below, you will find all the photoshop work I've done for Uncyclopedia... but I have an actual photoshopping job somewhere else. This is just what I've done for this site.

Works I Stole, But Edited Mercilessly[edit]

Sometimes I find crappy images that I really want to fix. These are some pictures that I improved/changed to the better versions shown below-->

Questions? Comments? Death threats?[edit]

If you have something to comment about any of the these pictures, or you just plain hate my guts, then go ahead and say whatever you want.

Any thoughts or opinions are warmly welcomed with a flamethrower.