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Floating Neck[edit]

Floating Neck is indeed a floating neck. Floating Neck can float on air or on water but not on solid things.

Creation of Floating Neck[edit]

Floating Neck was created by a backyard nuclear reactor. After building the reactor, the original human did a stupid and forgot to cool it down after wiring it to the house

The events that followed were dubbed "Reactor 5 lol" by the associates of Floating Neck

A shard of radioactive material pierced the throat of the not-so-intelligent monkey that preceded FN, thus killing him. After a while, FN rose from the rubble of the backyard and began his new life.

FN says he is nothing like the monkey he originated from.

Anatomy of Floating Neck[edit]

Not much is known about the anatomy of Floating Neck as the piece of Bungee that fuels him keeps damaging the goddamn exrayes used by the stuffy scientific types in stuffy laboarotaries.

The only thing known about Floating Neck is that he is fueled by Bungee


Floatig ecc sometimes loses access to his "" key because it is broke. He's makig us use that keyboard with the broke "" key to prove his poit. Kida aoyig if you ask me.

"Look **** you it's a geuie problem ma" -- Floatig ecc