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Hello there, I'm Extremecircuitz, and in case you haven't realised, I love CODING! I'm also smart. (If you compare me to most people my age) Why use the nick "Extremecircuitz?" I have a site by that name. (Not giving the link, I will say it's a ProBoard, my mother won't let me on it now anyway; you'll find out why later) Actually, the name of it is xtreme circuitz, no E at the start.

I am currently in 7th grade, but I know more than some 10th graders. For example, I found out how to find slope in algebra, and I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix in two days when I was still only in 5th grade. My IQ level the last time I took an IQ test was 117, somewhere between 3 and 4 on the scale of 10.

I can currently read, write, and think (Literally) in XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Remember I told you I have a site? I had one two years before it. (I deleted it though because it in itself was a failure) That site had been a Hogwarts RPG (Role-Play Game) and I had it because I liked Harry Potter. It was the first site I ever made, and at the time I didn't know any code. Eventually I learned the three languages I know today. At the beginning of the summer of '07, I switched from ProBoards to RuneScape, but soon I made a friend on Runescape who had a ProBoard! I still think of it as amazing, and hardly coincidential. I joined my new friend's forum, getting back into JS and CSS (I never forgot html, it's too simple to forget) and before the middle of summer I made eXtreme Circuitz. I also learned the electronic data languages of binary, Base64, and Hex, respectively. WikiMarkup has been added to my rosetta stone since I joined.

I can cook delicous pizza (Better than any so-called fast-food "pizza"), and I also like chess. I won the match that I learned to play chess during, as a matter of fact! I also like Rock 'n Roll and Country. Just about a week ago, I had my hands signed by Casey Rivers and Terry Fator! I forgot to mention something: My fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Melanie Rivers, is Casey's sister-in-law.

I came here as a WikiPedian.

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