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Welcome to free Uncyclopedia. If. You are an old timer like me, you may remember my slave name of Kevillips. The user-id of Kevillips has a binding contract with dad wikiadamenunherrenplatz and der fuehrer Jimbywa as I climbed the wall and escaped the Political Correctness, I put on a cloak of glam and new romanticism. I remain, the often cut. Off intro to a hit 80's song of the same name.

Give me time[edit | edit source]

... to realize my crime

Let me love

...and steal

I have danced

... inside your eyes

How can I be real?

My wikia Id is my wikia id, my wikimedia id is my wikimedia id, so this is my one here. I am going to make it easy to understand. Don't hurt me please. I suppose it would be a good idear to lock down user:kevillips here,

Git Rhyme[edit | edit source]

since this is me
and I am that,
no remiss
no remissness
just ramen sis.

uncooked and crunchee
flavoured like kim chee
what? Ker splatt
Don' interupp
the rhythm bub

cause 2 0h One 3
is the year of me
all new batt-ry
I hope they don' cut me

Are we human? Or are we Dancers?
Rhythm is a dancer
Oh SNAP Are we human or are we rhythm?
Get Rhythm
Oh Cash Be human

Written on the fly, in the shadow of Paisley Park and the Purple Mansion site. 466 is my new brand

if you got this far and have not figured "it" out click here


My most shameful secret[edit | edit source]


I find this picture to be hot