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Extra Ginger Brew[edit]

Sucrose b small.gif This user joined the Folding@home Team, because he/she gives a damn & so should you.

Currently has been cited for the following violations of international nautical law:

I fell in a well. Substantially deep. How frightful to keep looking up can't look farther down no where to go Hello Mr. Samsa sir Good morning to you, woke up on the wrong side again I see! Irresistibly clean even if you tighten your edges neatly all the while smiling sweetly deep thought! break the back of the beginner all the while saving the sinner Greetings Mr. Humbert

or just Humbert to close friends glare at my reflection the fun never ends chase the little nymphs back to the sky A quantitative protein interaction where poppies are sweet there is no god greater than death and death is sleep mnemosyne MNEMOSYNE! drink only of you that other river it's existance mother of muses would simply never do Why hello there Mr. Gault What is that you say who are you again indeed how shallow a practically pompous apollo Roast beef with cheese jalapeno poppers deep fried is delicious butter is hors devours

brings you back to tea jasmine perfume the problem with buddhism no material nothing a deep and dazzling darkness not enough dharma to share if only it was curiosity, that killed the kerouac kitten say that again? not that long shot fellow? how very dry water running early on never knew how to fly sing the body eclectic!

a terrible immortal ice in which swim tiny golden fish destroyed and remade like tiny ashless phenoixes this is the last morning for you but welcome anyway colonel Buendía to our solitude deep in the well


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