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Skyring wrote this about a real fuckup I made. This article then got VFDed.

A Stupid bomb is an email released on a list-serve intended to be sent to a single recipient. The magnitude of the stupid bomb is directly related to the number of people it was sent to, and inversely related to the relation of the intended recipient to the actual recipient.

For instance, if one were to send an email intended for one's mother to one's college fraternity alumni list-serve, this would be a stupid bomb of far greater magnitude than intending to send an email to one's former fraternity friend and emailing the entire list instead. By extension of this logic, the most powerful stupid bomb, known as the nuclear stupid bomb, is when one sends an email to a list-serve that one intended to send to one's self [1], particularly if one is the listadmin thereof [2].

The effects of the stupid bomb manifest themselves in two ways: first, in the minimal damage done to the stupid bomb's recipients, and then, in a single focused blast of snickering, smart-ass, list-serve-wide responses, and sarcastic articles written on Uncyclopedia.