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Spotted Hyaena[edit | edit source]

We’re here to witness the mating of the spotted hyaena. No this isn’t docking. These aren’t even two males.


The female! It’s biting my leg off! *CRUNCH* BLoOd... .jpg

His mum[edit | edit source]

Oh crikey, I forgot to defrost the emu mate! *Mum pulls in the driveway* CRICKEY! *Puts emu in bathtub* *Mum banging the door down* MUMS HAVE THE EXACT WEIGHT OF AN AFRICAN ELEPHANT!

  • Hides under bed* I’m gonna kill you, love! *cocks gun* oh fock! *jumpscare* *gunshots*

Clif[edit | edit source]

*chases after fast snake* *runs off clif* FOCK! *gets bitten by snake on the way down*

Fall-down-stairs.jpg Reinacment