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May 1st, 2021

Dear fellow Uncyclopedians,
Being an administrator here on Uncyclopedia comes with plenty of perks. Sending pages to QVFD, hoping that one of our many admins delete stuff on there quick enough, has become a thing of the past. Sending vandals to Ban Patrol, hoping that someone will get banned within minutes, is a long gone memory. However... as they say, with great power comes great responsibility.

Unfortunately, I do not believe that many of our fellow Uncyclopedians have interpreted this correctly; many of us have just simply vanished from the site, existing solely on Discord or not existing at all anymore. It is wrong for us to have some twenty adminses, but only three or four that still patrol the site, and only one, that being myself, taking care of the bulk of the work needed.

For approximately the past three months, I have been effectively forced to archive my talk page every single week in order to keep it sufficiently clean. I have had to deal with approximately 300kb to 400kb of talk page requests per month, which is basically bat fuck insane (considering how other admins have had to deal with next to none). Whether you're looking at VFS, VFP, VFD, QVFD or any one of our numerous maintenance pages, you're more than likely capable of seeing that I'm doing the bulk of the adminning here, and this has become incredibly exhausting. Fortunately, we have had the great fortune of electing a few new admins this previous VFS cycle, but we don't want any quitters here. It would be absolutely critical for us to analyze the true significance behind why Uncyclopedia's admins quit: many of Uncyc's admins have quitted because of administrative burnout, because of all of the unsustainable shit we get thrown at constantly. As such, some extra layers of division of power, in order to balance the workload onto all admins, is an absolute necessity. You cannot just expect one admin to do all the work, after all!

Whilst I'm here, I'd also like to take the time to announce that I am transitioning to female, both IRL and on Uncyclopedia. You may call me Cassandra, Cassie or Cass; please choose one of the three, although I have renamed myself to "Cassie" (with "Cassandra" as a more formal form). I use she/her and/or they/them pronouns. Please do not deadname or misgender me, or you may feel my wrath. Note: This name is not my real-life name.

Anyways, oh well. For questions, feel free to hook up a chat with me on Discord, or chat on the current talk page which I am using.

Peace, Love and Potatoes,