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Knight Commander of the Order

I'd like to say that if I change a perfectly fine word in an article to the American version, I apologize. I don't know many non-American variations and my spell checker marks them as wrong.

Articles I've started[edit | edit source]

Articles are sorted on how much I like them on a scale of "I can't believe I wrote this while sober" through "I can't believe I wrote something that looks decent" starting with the former.

Awards and Accolades[edit | edit source]

You are hereby awarded the

Purple Spleen

For heroic work in cleaning up the Uncyclopedia one article at a time.
Helping to rid uncyclopedia
of ballmer quotes.

Awarded by Splaka

And for continuing your tireless crusade to erradicate Ballmer quotes:

Feather in Your Cap Award

This person has done something very helpful for Uncyclopedia, and thus is deserving of a Feather in their Cap. Respect this person.

Awarded by Famine