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The process by which a word is spontaneously created.

'I wanted to find a word which described the creation of a new word, then realised there wasn't one. Realising I would have to create one, I invented Logogenesis', but then realised that the process I just used didn't have a name (except the generic 'Invention'). In a flash of insight, I realised I must have used logogenesis to create the word logogenesis, making it a self-affirming word, and making me the world's first logogeneticist


  1. Logogeneticist - one who uses logogenesis
  2. Logogenetics - the science of logogenesis
  3. Logogenetrician - one who studies logogenetics
  4. Logogeriatric - an old logogenetrician


Logos: Word in Greek + Genesis: Genesis in English.