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A Friend Crush or "Platonic Crush" also known as a Squish is a type of emotional thinking caused by fantasizing about having sex with someone you like, a threesome with them and someone else or a orgy with your friend, their friends and sometimes even Selective Inbreeding with them and their younger siblings.

other types of friend crushes can happen when you either,

  • Befriend an inanimate object and develop feeling for it.
  • have sex with zoo animals over and over until you realise you like the animal for more then just it's bull horns knifing your crotch.
  • have sex with a robber who broke into your house and fucked you while you slept only to leave a note about how he secretly had a gay crush on you all this time so he stole some of your cum to put into a 3d printer in order to create a 3d printed model of you.


Friend crush a person who uses their Ass, Boobs, Feet, Pussy, Testicles, Dick or a plastic bag, to hold you down for sexual pleasure.


  • Friend Crush (emotion) strong no holds barred sexual feelings for someone that can be from simply liking someone's smile all the way up to Giantess Zebra Rape whilst on a Space shuttle, but doesn't involve romantic feelings.


Hot, Dirty, Perverted, Slutty, Furry, Mutant, Son of a Birch.