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To set up top 3 voting, edit this page and replace any occurrence of the month with the month you want. Also change the year, if the year has indeed changed. Save or preview. Wait until the last day of the month, or at least until the last feature of the month has been queued.

Copy all of the following box and paste it into Uncyclopedia:Top10 09/May, or whatever month/year you want.

'''''Welcome''''' to Uncyclopedia's Top 10 voting process. The rules are simple. You go through all of the featured articles of the last month, and you pick your favorite 10. You only get 10 votes, so choose wisely. Also, you may only vote once for each article you decide to vote for. After a while, or whenever we feel like it, we'll end the voting and the 3 articles with the most votes will become Uncyclopedia's Top 3 of the Month. If there are any ties I don't know what will happen, so try to avoid ties.

All entries are in alphabetical order for easier finding. Sign your votes using #{{u|your name}}. IP votes are counted as half a vote. Please update the score when you add your name.

<center><big><span style="color:red">Remember: Only 10 votes.</span></big></center><center><big><span style="font-size:200%;">Voting ends on the 15th</span></big></center>
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{{s|0}} (''Featured: 4 July 2012'')

{{s|0}} (''Featured: 13 July 2012'')

{{s|0}} (''Featured: 14 July 2012'')

==[[HowTo:Build a Paper Empire]]==
{{s|0}} (''Featured: 8 July 2012'')

==[[UnNews:Cannibalism becoming increasingly popular]]==
{{s|0}} (''Featured: 19 July 2012'')

==[[Human anatomy]]==
{{s|0}} (''Featured: 12 July 2012'')

{{s|0}} (''Featured: 5 July 2012'')

==[[UnNews:Man with no head swims English Channel]]==
{{s|0}} (''Featured: 16 July 2012'')

==[[HowTo:Meet women]]==
{{s|0}} (''Featured: 10 July 2012'')

==[[UnNews:Montrealer fed up with strikers dismembers one]]==
{{s|0}} (''Featured: 3 July 2012'')

==[[My Dog Has Fleas]]==
{{s|0}} (''Featured: 18 July 2012'')

==[[UnBooks:Pat Robertson's Christian Pocket Dictionary: Volume Deux]]==
{{s|0}} (''Featured: 15 July 2012'')

==[[Penis penis Penis penis penis penis Penis penis]]==
{{s|0}} (''Featured: 17 July 2012'')

==[[Prime Directive]]==
{{s|0}} (''Featured: 20 July 2012'')

==[[Saturn (Lying Bitch)]]==
{{s|0}} (''Featured: 6 July 2012'')

==[[Slender Loris]]==
{{s|0}} (''Featured: 11 July 2012'')

{{s|0}} (''Featured: 7 July 2012'')

==[[UnNews:Some guy does some stuff]]==
{{s|0}} (''Featured: 2 July 2012'')


Once it's pasted in, copy the following line and paste it around half way down the header list, because I'm too lazy to make this page do that itself.


Then update whatever templates need updating, and stuff.

On the 16th of the month, protect the page and update Uncyclopedia:VFH/Top3 with the current top 3.

How do I, your humble narrator pick the top 3, you ask?

If the highest number of votes for pages goes, say, 10, 7, 4, 3, then the page (or pages) with 10 votes is/are first, the one/s/ with 7 is second, and the one/s/ with 4 are third. This often results in ties, but ensures that nobody gets screwed.