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The Prestigious Golden Bottom

Best of the Month: Ah, the Bottom (BotM). The award for writing well... FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH! Some say it's impossible. Here at Uncyclopedia, we strive for the impossible.

How is this different from WotM?[edit]

If you look at the Writer of the Month page, you will see that just about everyone who has won that award has won the award one time. At some point the award became a legacy award, given to writers who earn it for their full body of work. You win it once , you get a trophy on your wall and you will never win again. The BotM is made to ride along with WotM, not replace it. The Best of the Month is only for the writing done during the month in question. A writer's legacy of writing well in previous months should not be factored into the decision. Hopefully writers will write, and readers to read. The idea is to promote healthy competition amongst our writers, or, as Mhaille calls it, the "I'm going to rip your head off and shit down your neck" approach... Healthy!

Eligibility Requirements[edit]

To be nominated, you must:

  • Be a registered member.
  • Not nominate yourself. You can vote for yourself, but you can't nominate yourself.
  • Write at least one article for the month in question.

Whom should I nominate?[edit]

Nominate the member who has written the funniest, highest-quality stuff in the past month. Voters should take into account:

  • Quantity. How many articles has the writer written in a month. Keep in mind, if a writer writes 15 horrible articles in a month, they should probably not win this award.
  • Quality. How funny and well-written are the article(s) in question? The funnier the better.

If two users are nominated, one has written 4 good articles, and the other writer has written one hilarious article, it is up to the individual on which writer to vote for.

Nominations and Voting Process[edit]

Nominations and voting begin once a new month begins, and last through the end of the month. In the month of September, users will be voting for writers who wrote the best during August. Over the course of the month you may vote ONCE for your favorite writer. Do your research! Vote for the funniest, best writer from the previous month. On the first of the next month, the winner will be announced.

Nominations should include the nominated author, as well as all the articles written by the author that month so that lazy voters are more likely to actually read them. Also, please add the Template {{VoteBOTM}} to their userpage.

Fabulous Prizes[edit]

Winner will receive:

  • A poorly designed template to put on your user page. {{WinBOTM}}
  • Admiration of your peers.
  • A powerful sense of superiority over said peers.
  • A yearning to become the most decorated Bottom in the history of the site.


Nominate now! Only signed votes will count. Please use the level two headline format for the name of the nomination with an optional comment and mandatory signature underneath.

You must get a minimum score of +5 (or be the leading vote getter if nobody is voting) to cut the mustard. Crowdsource, call in sexual favors, whore to your heart's content in order to get this number. Just don't make socks or vote twice.

Official nominations for October/...Novermberm?[edit]

Past Winners[edit]


For full details, see Past Winners