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Did you find two users who made one edit to the same page, no matter how similar the edits are? If so, then you can request CheckUser intervention on this page.

Make a request

How to make a request[edit source]

Please make your requests in the following form:

{{subst:Rfcu|reported=<user who you are reporting>|sock1=<suspected sockpuppet>|sock2=<suspected sockpuppet 2>...|rationale=<reason why you are requesting checkuser>}}

Note[edit source]

If you make a request solely so you can get someone's IP address, you may be surprised at how fast your request will be archived. In fact, any requests must have strong evidence to confirm (or at least imply) malicious sockpuppetry. The duck test is a good way to determine when is one eligible to use CheckUser; other requests will likely be declined on sight.

Current requests[edit source]

There are none