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Lyrics[edit | edit source]

La la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la (2x)
Oh Mr. Noobie have you got yourself banned tonight?
Was it one of those 'crats? Oooh
Oh baby baby does he make you wanna shoot something?
Or at least rape their mum to death
Do you know just what she likes so?
Oh oh tell me have you seen her
Cuz I’m so-oh oh
I can’t get her out of my brain
I just wanna go to the house she livin' in
And maybe go down to the basement where the 'crat lives?
Ha ha he he ha ha what a ho
Mrs. 'crat's mum told me that's shes gonna meet me up
I don’t know where or when and now their cleaning up the banlist Ooooh
I’ve seen her once or twice before she knows my face
But its hard to see with all the 'crat's pimples standing in the way Ooooh
Ban me, break my nuts
You can even call me a putz
But all of the boys and all of the girls They R e-Stalk 'Crats

Credits[edit | edit source]

Parody Lyrics: Kakun