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This is Tom Yorkshire's magnum opus, No Cucumbers, as performed by the band Rad Iohead. [1]

Lyrics[edit | edit source]


A bar that's full of vegetation

A bunch of different lettuce

Spinach you won't eat

You need a healthy lunch

Bring down your weight a bit

You eat way too much fast food

I'll take a Caesar please

A spring mix, some mesclun maybe

With no onions and no cucumbers

No olives and no tomatoes

No croutons or cauliflower



This is bleu cheese dressing

It makes my belly ache

With no carrots and no garbanzos

No mushrooms or bacon bits

No cabbage and no bell peppers please

Such a pretty day for brunch, a salad bar

No radish or avocados

No raisins and no cranberries

No onions and no cucumbers please


  1. Sung to the tune No Surprises by Radiohead.

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