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The movie Terminator 6 will be released November 2019 and it will be produced by James Cameron. This will be the first Cameron Terminator since Terminator 2 (T2), and it will disregard the movies T3, T4 & T5, as if they never existed. T1 & T2 were the only Cameron-involved Terminators until now. They were directed & written by Cameron, while T6 is merely produced by the Canadian dictator. While T3 was a perfect movie, and T5 a no less than a genius conclusion to the saga, T6 feels like nothing more than Cameron trying to kidnap the franchize and make it his very own Back to the Future. You are not Robert Zemeckis, James Cameron. You are a very limited director. T6 will be terminated, I promise you that. That's why we at UnReviews decided to review T6 over a year before its official release, and try to kill it as a baby.

We know, T4 sucked. But then came T5 and fixed the entire saga with its amazing plot. And that's what The Terminator is all about. It always comes back to complete the mission, no matter what. And now, Cameron gets to make another one, only because T5 didn't make enough money in China? What the fuck? And they want to show us the human version of The Terminator? I mean, the actual human being who inspired the human tissue of the robot? It will be Last Action Hero all over again! Don't you watch movies, people?

Man, I need to be sure that T6 is terminated by now. If T6 doesn't ever come out, then there will be no purpose for the existence of something. And that something would just vanish. In thin air. But what might that thing be? China? Chinese money? Yen? I'm pretty sure the Yen still exists. I still have the Yen sign in my keyboard. Wait, in China it is called Yuan, but it has the same sign as the Japanese Yen (¥). So what if the Chinese made a new movie, called The Yuan? Designed to kill the T6? No one gives a shit about Chinese movies in China. So if we invent such a movie, they won't have any idea it's not real.

Fuck, most Chinese people don't even speak English. I'll just put a bogus poster of ¥ right here and everything will be fine. The Yuan won't exist and that means that T6 is terminated.

¥ the-movie.jpg
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