UnPoetia:Wake The FUCK Up, You Brainwashed Peasants

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Unpoetia logo.jpg Poetry for people who hate poetry

Wake The FUCK Up, You Brainwashed Peasants

I can't believe the shit you've let the government do to you,
How Netflix covers up the way their agents polluted you
By tracking every film you watch and making a file
That they'll use to send you off to FEMA camps for a while
Where you're forced to work for pennies as a slave of the Yellow
Peril who has taken over our democracy, fellow,
Do you really think the net was made for your entertainment?
You prolly handle coins without a cover of latex
On your hand to keep the NSA from getting your prints.
Did you really think they'd let a serf like you handle mints
Of the Masonry Illuminati Reptiles who own you?
You, the people, you had power, but you let them dethrone you,
Sell you bread and circuses, McDonald's, making you fat,
So you're too lethargic now to don your tinfoil hat
Which you need to keep the government from reading your thoughts
That the aliens have put inside your brain; now you're caught,
And you think your only option is to give up your arms,
But with poetry we stick it to the people in charge.
Here's a shoutout to my homies who were kidnapped at Roswell,
Aliens who only came here 'cause they wanted better jobs, well,
They can't get them now, the CIA has their equipment,
And they're using it to bring America another shipment
Of fluoride, and then in the water they'll put a drug
That makes the aliens stop talking, like a miniature bug
That eats your brainwaves and converts them into mind control patterns
Like the ones on the wall, that I swear must be cameras.
End transmission.