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Platypus[edit | edit source]


Fratundling lightly through the grass,
Urply slumltry o'er hills;
Plurdled quaypoofs emitting gas,
Turgid pea that once was Bill's,
For nonce, for thee,
For shame, debris,
Waddled pomorphousising fetid puce
Formless poit by mangled goose
Drunkish foobly stare
By the garden gate
A razed platypus do contemplate.

Ode to a Small Lump of Green Putty I Found in My Armpit One Midsummer Morning[edit | edit source]


Gashee gobberwarts and keratoacanthomas
Seborrheic keratoses, dermatofibromas
Dermoid cysts and pyogenic granulomas
Skin growths galore bursting forth with splen'drous warm puss

Skin tags and keloids and dysplastic nevi
As tasty and fruitful as Apple Brown Betty
Lipomas and moles are so scrumptious and nutty
But none taste so sweet as this lump of green putty

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis[edit | edit source]

Chest x-ray.jpg

Wizened fortuitousitude begs an answer
Lurgid shamblings to the rhythm of a dancer
Nearly always preferred to hepaticocholangiocholecystenterostomitosis
Lungs diseased or rancid gall bladder
Convoluted marmoset calculates something is the matter
Asping mlumly by the bloited incomprehensibilities
While I munch upon a slice of cheese

My Favourite Bathtime Gurgles[edit | edit source]

An excerpt from the full 12-book epic by poet master Grunthos the Flatulent

Hooptiously flagurgling with flatulence aplenty,
From dining on cysts sweet as Apple Brown Betty;
I steeped in the tub and what sounds I did make,
Erupting the water like an ocean floor quake;

Bleems blooping blick from expungiest foonting;
Micturations fleck ick on the walls by my tooting;
Groop floating topside, fripping with ecch;
Chronic gabbleblotchitis spurting forth bleghh;

The sound and the fury of the gruntbuggling disaster,
With the noises and smells from my guts blowing faster;
From bindlewurdle-filled bowels, teeming with gases,
Blown every which way from my half-dozen asses.

The many different types of cheese[edit | edit source]

Oh frubungly cheese, so floopy and wry,
How I love to grottnogle you with a pork pie,
Often found tangled in frungled hair,
Oft I go looking for cheese is in there

Do Not Mow Bleckly[edit | edit source]

Topaz is widely accepted to be the worst of all Vogon poets, which it to say that his verse is almost tolerable to human ears. While normally a poem of this damnable quality would not be included in this book, it is notable for two reasons: one, it created the grassroots movement that resulted in Earth being demolished; and two, it was appropriated by Dylan Thomas and released as an "original" work.


Do not mow bleckly o'er that dust mite,
For that hyperspace bypass to make way;
Rage, rage against the dying of the mite.

Though Vogons build their roads for reasons right,
Phlegg creatures may be caballed on the way;
Do not mow wreckly o'er that dust mite.

Vogon poetic justice.jpg

Tiny germs must we strive to treat polite;
Their frail souls might we trounce by our survey;
Rage against the death of the parasite.

Wild spores we catch and stun from flensome flight,
And learn, too late, by our error we slay.
Do not mow bleckly o'er that dust mite.

But men deserve death for their blinded sight;
A predator worthy of being prey;
Rage, rage against the dying of the mite.

Reduce the heathen from their errant height;
Curse, kill them now with your machines, I pray.
Do not mow wreckly o'er that dust mite,
Rage against the death of the parasite.

The Organ[edit | edit source]

Lyshustinously appalling! Hear thy menabulous frothsoofling-
For the fraptatious groggling keeps me awaking zesutheously,
And thy lamentation thorgling across the brain have quithled my thoughts.
Ferblump unto me, vorkut my name, and pabxanthiacatal thy oregmnagations,
Unti the organ, trilhalquafing thy solemn gerondus, castigulmines my reputung duepaldly-
And endeth the culmceptatunwibele.

Duty Roster[edit | edit source]

I flibilize your crimpinfizzle!
Coronate the Frankensteins!
Krill the horga-diza-mibble
And trilobite the dergonblintze!
So if you torbidize the dibble
Kingothon the morgansties,
And horinsate the colga-mibble,
Then coriskate the forgenmisters!
And kralk the gorgomister, see if I don't!
Unless you horbilize your megadonkeys,
I will snoodle you on a cramba Aruraqna-turgle!
So creampithon your smelvs to your tkelvs
And whorimate a roge/kmervs!
I should trilgimize the dribble!
Kingiqate the flotypies.
You better feed the bugblatters
Unless you want a canntrollupation . . .
Do it NOW, you moron!

Bleem Blurglecruncheon[edit | edit source]

Bleem Blurglecruncheon
Blangle a truncheon,
Drangle a fraptid
Gerond arachnid.