UnPoetia:Subverted Rhyme

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Unpoetia logo.jpg Poetry for people who hate poetry
  • I like to subvert my rhyme
  • I do it every... occasion
  • Da da da da-didda-hee da
  • I think it is so fun
  • You try and do your own... example
  • Mib mib mib mibbity-mib
  • It looks like I'm a poet
  • And that I... was not aware of it previously
  • Keeble keeble keeble keeble
  • This poem even has a tune
  • Came up with it, while staring at the... constellation Centaurus
  • Ooh ooh oo-ooh, ooh
  • Subverted rhyme, subverted song
  • You can come, and sing... in harmony
  • Now this is the chorus, and that was the verse
  • This poem continues, for better or... less better?
  • Fixed with a questions, the mind keeps staring
  • Can I borrow your book? Oh wait, you hate... giving things to other people for a temporary amount of time
  • You might notice that this subverted rhyme
  • Messes with the poem's... structural integrity
  • Now goodbye, goodbye, I'm off to write haiku
  • For you, and you, and someone else who is not listening
  • Well, that's enough isn't it? This time
  • You're surprised, because it's a proper rhyme...