UnPoetia:My First Address To The Common Man

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Good afternoon, take heed of my words
I trust you are all in good mirth this fine day
Don't worry; I wasn't threatened by your cat-calling at birds
A man of my goodwill can quite comprehend yon savagery.
Upon my first address to the common man I'm in good spirits
I've made extensive studies of your culture so's I don't feel out-of-place
And shall judge your most respectable class on only its merits.
For your information I've dealt with a fair few commoners before
I've lived on Primrose Hill—they say that used to be –ahem– underprivileged
From those experiences I can trust you don't hold me in detestation
I've been here half an hour now and can see that nothing has become pillaged
But there is one last note that I feel I must address:
Please don't shank me.